Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SoMEwheRe u WisH u WoUld Go

Okay..this is just a simple blog which u'll see ill update when i have one..hee.so hello to everyone!!


..somewhere u wished to go.. erm where? Gold coast should be in the list. okay...hehe. cuz y,..i;ve just been there..yay!! love it.!! u should go too..hukhuk. something to share the best trip ever. Me and my hubby spent 6 days and 5 nights at the surfers paradise. The places is famous for its surfers dude (handsome guy not to mention..hehehe and also topless babes okay..heh). Our trip were all booked , so we just need to hop on a small coach that bring us to Movieworld and we spend our entire day there..huh..what a day!!. The Movieworld is so amazing and fun. All 5 stars ride is a must.hee.. not missing one except the batwings,since time is so precious for other rides, by the way, batwings its like the same as the solero shot ride in Genting..(so ignored it..huu..)

owhh..before i forget..thank u merry cherry much darling,for making plus arranging the trip from the start !!..(it was ur idea anyway rite,i was the one who got u puzzled..huhu..sorry taw :) )

..to be cont..