Tuesday, September 28, 2010

KitcHen Cabinet :)

hello readers..

okay, that weekend we went to check out our kitchen cabinet,which were suppose to be ready. But unfortunately, they didn't finished fixing it and left with this...

Haziq tgh spot check

pintu lom siap :(

Owh did i tell u, haziq loves our bedroom cabinet..haha.. coz ada big big big mirror..enough for everyone yay!!



  1. kemain putih melepak si Haziq nih...santeq kabinet kamoo....tapi aku lagik suka cermin BESAU itew!!

  2. hehe emy terima kasih..
    haah konon2 nk konsep ala ala english kt dapur..xpe xdelaa sgt pon..ngehehe..

    cermin besau..xrebut dh..hiks


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