Thursday, September 30, 2010

Something odd this week

i think i notices something odd this week
i knew it daddy must be outsation again
leaving us behind (mommy and me) ,
this time he'll be going in the jungle far in Danum Valley, Sabah where no coverage and so forth..since today no news from dad,hope he is fine there ,doing his work at best ...

Dear dad,
haziq misses his daddy very much..
he waits and waits
he turns and turn

he waits
he crawl and crawl

he twist and turn and crawl..

..and waits..
Owh daddy we miss u much..

cepatlah balik...
come home safely :)


  1. uisshh...xkan mention nama Haziq je kot yg miss daddy...mommy xmiss daddy ke?..kuikui

  2. hahahaha..memang mama dia yg rindu..

  3. mazni : haha.. bley ar adjust2 rindu dgn haziq..haha :P


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