Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hurm.. just blog walking and love some cool n nice outfits wore by them. im hunting like em..hehe . Have all the support frm my charming husband ..hehe ( he always wanted me to try out new stuffs ) . So yeah, gotta get some inspiration right. take a look below, beautifully scarfs , tops n jeans etc wore by them. maybe u could try too.

1st tudung/selendang :

want to try out these selendang

where to buy :

ni bnyk tips nk pakai selendang ,bgus btol blog neh leh laa visit @

2nd baju n jeans

i like her match @
( nk cr jeans cerah mcm ni!!! susah tol plus i want it to be flare or boot cut :) )

and these

'There’s nothing like a deconstructed denim jacket to rock out an outfit'-hana

...i like ...

3rd dress
'it’s been so dark and grey lately I thought I’d brighten things up a bit with my Zara maxi dress. Because it’s got so many colours I never know what to wear over the top, then I had a lightbulb moment. You could go for light or dark denim and I’ve seen quite a few of these mens shirts around lately. They’re a great alternative to a denim jacket but give the same effect. Plus it breaks up the colour so it doesn’t look too co-ordinated and you can use near enough any colour headscarf.' -hana

ada bnyk blog yg bg idea yg best2 bab fesyen ada yg boleh ikot ada yg rs cm xkene terpulanglah. taa

ps: any other links fesyen yg best?sharing is caring :)


  1. kamu mmg sesuai la pakai mc nih..kalo aku yg pakai...mau kot laki aku berpinar jap tengok..hahahah

  2. cik maneh : musti bg cik asben berpinar2 few second ..pastu sure dpt adik afif.. :P kikikih..


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