Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Big Day - Adventures team (sky trex ,15 MAC 2009 DI TAMAN PERTANIAN, BUKIT CERAKAH SHAH ALAM)

Flash Back:-

Its A Big day for US, The family Y.Bhg Hj Abd Latif on the 15th March 2009. An event that conducted by all part of the family. well done and million thanks to aunties and uncles that are very supporting..ngee heee.. a zillion thanks to our beloved grandpa that made the effort to come to see us, cucu-cucu yg sgt laa adventures .. :P

Lokasi : Bukit cerakah.Shah alam
Masa: 7.30 am- 4.30ptg
Aktiviti : little thrill , Big Thrill

Kami naik yg Big Thrill, ni je yg available tahun lepas..heuu

quote dr web die :-

Big Thrill

This circuit consists of 23 thrilling challenges with various level of difficulty raging from
“easy“ to “very difficult“. With some of the platforms reaching the height of 17 meters, feel the adrenaline while crossing the “Crazy Zig-Zag“ and flying on the “Sky-crawl“ at the Bermuda Triangle. Hold your breath while crossing “The Earthquake“, test your ability to leap at the “Happy Hopper“ and end the adventure with the grand finale, the 100 meters “Wild Revenge“ which will take you to the finishing platform at an exhilarating speed.

Time to complete: 1.5 hours to 2 hours
Minimum height requirement: 1.4 m
Maximum weight: 100 kg

so layans..

kami dh ready

okay,huru hara kejap..nk register nama

mula-mula dgr Taklimat n training

ini trail sky trex. tinggi btol...

saya panjat plg cepat taw.... (hahaah poyos)

jom wat lagik guys.. ?

Conclusion nye : Best n syok btol naik big thrill nih , MUST TRY!!, tp dgr skrg dh ada Extreme Challenge. kire path die lagi mncabar..nak!!!

Sedikti maklumat ttg sky trex :-

SKYTREX Adventure provides an organized outdoor ‘eco-recreational cum educational’ activity which will take the participants from tree to tree via series of aerial obstacles suspended at 3 meters to 22 meters in the air.

The first of its kind in Malaysia, SKYTREX Adventure is a place where you can enjoy jungle trekking from a height never reached before – via the canopy! Test your agility, challenge your fear, walk, crawl, glide and swing through our different challenges in the sky, in total safety while appreciating the wonders of the Malaysian Tropical Rain Forest.

nak lebih lanjut sila lawati laman web di sini


Monday, November 22, 2010

The Engagement - Rina

rIn Congrats!!.. !!

my other besttie jugak, Selamat bertunang pd oktober lepas. Just a late entry..sorry xdpt suke sgt make up ko.chanteks!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Big Day - Farah's Wedding

courtesy from farah's fb

TODAY as haziq turns 9 month , after recovering from his illness is my best-friend big day.

farah & Wan , congratulation to both of u.. Selamat Pengantin Baru korang!!!

comming up is keyrol n imran @ kampar

Happy for both of u.

rin : aku bwk haziq (yg br baek demam itew) sbb kcian lom dpt first time kn..hehe.. aku taw die pon happy br dpt jumpe kwn2 mama die yg sgt happening lg cute.. ahaks :P siap tanya lagi ..mana yg lain (haha pandai2 je aku wat skrip..) actually rindu lah sama korang huu...

duk mesia ..biasalaa tu nyamuk,suke curi pp haziq hsih :P

susah tol aku nk snap gmbr farah..nyibuk je derang nih heu

okay , ill drive mommy..let me , let me...

ps : to my other best-friend keyrol, congrats in advance !!! sorry couldn't make it on the 27th. paper pon all the best.hope everything runs smoothly :)

pss: Bg pengantin2 baru (farah n keyrol) n bakal pengantin (rina)..cpt2 dpt baby ye.haziq dh duk tnye nih hahah :)

korang, cpt2 upload gmbar nk tgk!!!

What do you think about placing different types of chairs around a dining table?

Different chairs around the dining table… yay or nay? i like it..its kinda versatile. dont want to be stick to the old ways of putting same sort of chairs around...(no offense... thee )

okay , this is a simple entry , since im at my mom house and just google-ing around... surfing on pictures of chairs for a dining table ... to be exact white chairs being put around the dining table.. and u'd ask.. " why? " (with face like disgust) ... hahaa... and im like " fair enuff guys,I am a huge fan of white chairs..haa :)"

suke lah. style jer :)

nmpak cm style gak..hahaha :)

all white :)

suke jugak

inspired ?

inspired ?

ps: bile laa nk p bli kerusi nih..hua hua.. kene tunggu taon dpn lah cmneh.. heuu

Sunday, November 7, 2010

NurSery n EbM?

Hye..saya haziq..saya sudah masuk 8 bulan :))

nursery owh nursery..

lambat sket update,busy busy busy :( ,

1st november 2010 ; hantar kol 8.30 lebeh , jemput die dlm kol 4.(kire half day..dulu)
ragam haziq masa hari pertama hantar ke nursery ..nak taw, die jadi pendiam..(mungkin ngntuks..or xcukup tdo) la dh biasa tdo buai..then kt sane xde,sbb bahaya jk ada pon..huu. senyap die tuh smpai tdo pd mlm itu.bgn 2 kali utk biasa... :)

2nd november 2010 ; hari ni hantar lama sket.awl pagi then amik ptg kul 6. Die senyum2 bile kte jumpt..(ok nmpk ceria laa) tp suara ada serak2..sure nganes nih..(nanges nk tdo or nk susu..sbb ebm kn lama sket nk sedia kn..2minits lebey kuang). Syukur sgt sbb nursery nih,boleh handle susu ibu, so xlah susah2 nk ajar. .ngehehee.yay for that.

3rd Nov 2010; Balik keje cpt2 selamatkan haziq...haha... he seems happy. Ayah die bwk g tmn permainan..hopefully from this day onwards die akan faham rutin cmni..huuu

jgn iso hari2 mama n babah selamatkan haziq secepat yg mungkin.kay!!
i love u snowball.. huk huk huk :)

ps: ye ,memang berat hati nk hntar bb ke nursery. dhlaa dgn mcm2 kes skrg nih. tp apa nk buat ibu berkerjaya skrg nih..huu.. nk hntr pengasuh ,msih dlm misi gak nih.. tp tak tau laa.. sbb rata2 pengasuh mesti ada anak besar yg dijaga jugak.. so riso gak..boleh ke nk jaga bb saye yg makin lasak merangkak n memanjat tuh.. kang silap2 soh bebudak jg.huuu..xmo leh ?

anyway, dimana2 pon kene hati2 n selalu bdoa agar smua nye selamat , insyaallah..amin..

8bulan ,saya dh pandai memanjat

8bulan ,saya dh pandai merangkak..Abes la mama saya kene kejar saya..


Friday, November 5, 2010

haziq and the house

ayah tgh pujuk haziq..bawak g playground

it was hectic , last week..i didnt get the chance to update my i took 3days leave.WHy?
1st: friday, had to packed our things from kepong since we're gonna move the day after.
2nd: saturday , carrying our things to our new house in one shot, nasib baik pinjam kereta kemal.thank you!..

saturday evening: some relatives n friends came over that night to do some solat bjemaah n yaasin .FIL imam kn.. :) thank you too.. (my parents couldn't make it,cause ada UpM family day kt melaka..)

pastu MIL masak sket2 utk tetamu itew..kecil2 je..bkn kenduri pon. :) thank you very much too..dh laa rumah saye kosong pastu..belum ada apa2 peralatan dapur,kelam kabut sket lah actually..nk wt masuk that day.huru hara taw.. :)

haziq dgn paksu che pA die..

duduk kt kerusi taw..mama n abah nk kemas..ngee hehe

3rd sunday : had breakfast then kemas2 rumah (okay not barang ..cuci tingkap..etc.. xcukup kakitgn okay....)hahah

im trying to help mommy u see..try to find the instruction..

let me see where is it

owh here it is.. let me read...

hard to understand it

ahhh.. whatever..hope mommy doesnt mind

mlm sunday tuh,kteorg mkn kt area sg.buloh..the place called big plate?.western food..rate: 4/5

4th monday : hantar haziq ke nursery half day..(dont like the feeling)
-balik tu senyap je..,majoks laa tu.. huuu
xsuke xsuke

5th tuesday: hantar haziq for full day...tgk cmne keadaan die..
-balik tu ok,cume suara rox...okay mesti die nanges nih...lg bertmbh sayu hati nih..adeh.. ni yg buat nk bnti keje nih,jg baby sndiri..haih..

wednesday kembali kerja... ptg tu amek haziq..n bwk g playground..layanzz..