Saturday, November 20, 2010

What do you think about placing different types of chairs around a dining table?

Different chairs around the dining table… yay or nay? i like it..its kinda versatile. dont want to be stick to the old ways of putting same sort of chairs around...(no offense... thee )

okay , this is a simple entry , since im at my mom house and just google-ing around... surfing on pictures of chairs for a dining table ... to be exact white chairs being put around the dining table.. and u'd ask.. " why? " (with face like disgust) ... hahaa... and im like " fair enuff guys,I am a huge fan of white chairs..haa :)"

suke lah. style jer :)

nmpak cm style gak..hahaha :)

all white :)

suke jugak

inspired ?

inspired ?

ps: bile laa nk p bli kerusi nih..hua hua.. kene tunggu taon dpn lah cmneh.. heuu

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