Monday, December 20, 2010

i love us!!


its been two years from that date we were married..we came back to december (cm lagu taylor swift) on our special day , the AnniVerSarY...yahooo!!

Syukur, that we still find loves in anyway everyday...( hope everybody does...amin)

YES , its not wrong or humiliating for me to say that i love you sooooOO mUCh dearie PeJAL!! can i sing "cant get enuff of you, baby".. ngee hee..(okay ,dont get too astray)

i pray and hope that we still L.O.V.E each another and always support in every way, even at the worst part (the time you and i weren't at our best.. yes we fought, yes we did dinner, yes we farted, yes we laugh out too much that we cant stop, yes we disgust people around us, yes we play games together, yes we tease each other, we even scolded each other and yes we cant stop blaming each other.. but hey , its normal .....)

KNOW what.. im loving each and every bits of it , even that little snowball that always nagging to me... Alhamdulillah for HIS pleasure and greatness. hope that our L.O.V.E grow and grows and bloom.. insyaAllah.

i love us!!



okay, enuff ( org nk muntah dh baca.. peace yawll)

ps: thank you to family and friends yg bg wish , tak sangka korang ingat (i mean like rajin nye nk ingat..haha) anyway..i love u guys too..mwuaah2..


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