Monday, January 3, 2011

HeLLO 2011

hello bee

picture taken by pejal..luv it :)

Another year, again. we've reached the other end and came to the first end of the next. hee

apa saje laa ko merepek :P

anyway, just welcoming the new 2011 which i dont know what to come. i Pray that everything will be fine and within HIS blessing.Always.AMIN

So, wht i expect for this new year eh:-
lots to list but these are wht popped from my head

1. kene kumpul duit
2. kene byr balik ptptn kt ALONG..haishh.. truk tol
3. nak g swimming..arghh i just need that me time :P
4. nk settle hal2 rumah (takkan settle selagi lom complete rasenye..ngehehe)
5.i wanna a camera (Gf1 ke ixus ke please..hehe)
6. need time , nk tgk wayang lagik..gegege
7. i want to go to an island.. haha..get burnt i guess
8. nk g ice skating dgn pejal..masih hutang lagik!!
9.gotta read more and more (all kinds okay...)
10. i want an iphone..(ngada2 sket)
11.cant wait for my surrpise (dlm kotak firah..yay she'll be comming back for good next week...)

okay enuff. ( pnjg banget xkose nk type..haha)

till next week..

haziq thru the year

best main wizard neh ( atok nye taw)

ive been extra sporty

Owh , how much i weigh mommy...?

next date line:
12th Jan : waiting for my sister , coming back to Malaysia for good :) cpt2 pack brg tuh. come home safely ye.
excited lebey neh..hehe



  1. Happy New Year darling...sayang kamoo sokmo2!!

  2. sama juga pd kamu.. sayang kamu gaks!!..bile nk mai KL..meh le.. :)


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