Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hi-Tea Birthday Party for Haziq's

isi pewot dulu sebabbb...

Sebab... its my birthday!!!

Hello, im1 year old now :))


No other words can describe how much i feel when this snowball of mine has turn one.
Arsyad haziq was born on the 20th Feb 2010 at HKL at 4.13 pm. Time flies so quickly and what do u know.., after all the new experiences, dramas, joys, late nights and special moments we suddenly realized HAziq's first birthday was just round the corner.

I made a small function for closer relatives and friends near by to Hi-tea birthday party for Haziq's ...Sorry as i cant invite everyone but insyaAllah , ada rezeki i would, kay guys...

Lots a luv and billion thanks for those who came (grandma, grandpa's, uncles, aunties, cousins, nephews, nieces, sisters , brothers and friends too) , thanks for the presents, the angpows, the pot luck food , the helpers and the fun. Im sure haziq had too much fun that he hadn't slept at all that evening until midnight. haihhh..

enjoy the pics ...

me and grandpa

more ballons pls


the guests

the cake,
(ordered it from my neighborhood ,the taste?not bad :) )

relatives ...and relatives...
( sedara mara ramai, hampir2 nk bukak kemah..haha)

Thank you so much for coming to share in laughter and fun!

yummy cup cake, done by my MIL.. thank u sooo much!!..

done by my MIL

Lasagna made by US (kakla,firah and me)

nyum2* angkat bakul , jap..haha

The Family


OWh, im buzy rite ya later

ps: I still can't believe he turned one already.


  1. OMG Haziq....
    1 year alrdy...
    instead of auntie.."kakak" miss u so much... :D
    hug & kissess for u...muah!
    Happy Birthday sayang!!

  2. hehhe.. THank u!!.. me and mommy miss u too.. meh laa mai umh,leh main dgn afif :))

  3. happy birthday haziq!!!!kisses and hugs for u...btw zu,i love ur long skirt!kakakka....zu beli d mana tu?

  4. mel: "thank you aunty mel"
    Skirt?.beli kat stall kecik2 yg dlm Giant tu. Bought it for rm35 :).thanks again, i luv it too..hee


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