Sunday, April 10, 2011

Haziq's day out ( but we still miss daddy)

That friday, haziq got a surprise from his aunt. Well for some reason he seems to know that the pressie was for him. Lucky you! Anyhow, he happily wanted to open it by himself. Thank you makcu adah for the pleasant surprise.Loved it!!..

new shoes..and and..swimming pool?nice :)

Saturday came, and haziq's grandma decided to bring us to PD,(since some of the relatives were there too). SO, off we go.

It was haziq's first time in the salty sea water. It was fun though, but it would be more fun if daddy was here too..(hope you're having fun in Munich too,dad). Chill..

Haziq took about half an hour to get used to the wavy water. Later, he found himself very amused and could play on his own.hehe.

Not forgetting a dip in the pool.

That night, he slept well.yay!!!. Tired..i bet. Cant wait for another water trip huh :) .
We'll bring daddy along next time. And haziq could show off to daddy. .okay.


  1. bile rambut haziq nak panjang?hehehe

  2. mimi:tulaa pasal..xda rambut jer..hehe


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