Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A leSson LearNt

Arrghh.. this is the stupidest thing that happened to me, today to be exact.

i knew i shouldn't entered it. Unfortunately something was hi-wire in my head and i was so stupid to fall for it. I entered it so confidently like a looser.
Man! , pejal was angry enough as he had told like zillions of times not to. It just happen, i told.

You know, when things were meant to be or are bound to happen and you cant stop it, it just happened. It was a coincidence that the email sounds very true, as i was in that situation and i purely believed it. Nobody would buy the damn reason, yeah i know.

All i could say, it wasn't my luck today. And its a lesson to me.

Even the interface was so real in a glance. I cant differentiate at first. i came to realize its a pinishing site after ive given my username. Oh Damn!! :(

If ur'e guessing what the wolrd im talking about , its those online banking spam. Just don't fall for it like i did. Keep alert and stay safe!!

ps: why why why


  1. byk ke dah ditransferkan...klu x silap la ye...

  2. cik nini: ac. bank kene hack.aduh.. :(

    kaknor: wah, pnh dgr jgk eh. erm, alhamdulillah xsempat. Tapi pasni nk kosongkan ac tuh. just simpan sikit utk guna je.i feel so insecure with my online ac. now.huu..

    ape2hal, tac request tu jangan sesekali bagi sesape pon.kene ol dlm keadaan tenang pasnih.huuu

  3. ermmm... alhamdulillah nasib baik x sempat...dah byk org kena dah lily... blogger2 pon ade gak yg terkene...kno mmg x penah bukak pon klu dpt email mcm tuh...treus delete je lain kali...

  4. tu ar.. mmg selalu kite buang pon.Tapi kebetulan mmg ayat die sebijik yg terjadi sehari sebelumnya and ada kene mengena lak tu adeh.macam tahu2 je. tu yg terpercaya.huu


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