Thursday, June 9, 2011

Unpredicted Scars

Sunday, 5th June 2011- The quiet house in impiana suddenly burst into tears of a one year old child crying for attention . He cried out as he's hurt himself. I wasn't sure why and how on earth he had hurt himself that night.
cian nye dak comel nih

He was playing by his own in the middle of the empty living room when he suddenly toppled over and bumped on the skirting tiles of the room. I don’t know how to describe it, but its something like that. So there you have it. A minor red wound appeared on his forehead. Poor thing.

Quickly ,we searched for a gamat ointment. Put it on his forehead even though he was grumpy and pushing my fingers away. Hopefully it will be better soon, as my brother in law engagement will be on next Sunday.

On the very next day, we took him to the nursery as usual. The girls were shocked and asked us “who did it.. how did he get this ?” Hoh.! Malu nk jwb. Jaga sendiri pon, dia leh cedera...

"haziq main sorang2,terjatuh sorang :P "

close up..huhu.. risau kalo dh terkena mata..adeh

ps: i think he scared the other kids off (at the nursery) ..ngehe hee hee.

* update : Alhamdulillah by friday, scars pon dah hilang. Selamat... :)


  1. nyamuk (yg dua bintat tu??) and the scar buat haziq nmpak ganas oo. ahaha.

  2. sib baik dh hlg..tengok dlm pic macam dlm jer scars tu...huhuhu

  3. cam ganazz je scar tuh..sib baik x cross mata..

  4. aduila buah hati sorang ni..cenggini la anak lelaki...lasak kemain..Afif tu ntah berapa puluh kali jatuh..tak jugak serik2..

  5. Shiannye haziq.. Kena tgk2 gak tu, takot kena mata. Mukhlis dulu 2 kali lebam dkt ngan mata, huhu..


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