Friday, July 8, 2011

The place

on the road to "the place"

A 45minits drive from Pasco airport to Prosser, Washington. Its a very unique and a peaceful place id say. This place supports the US gov. agriculture production.

some orchards

at WSU,prosser

Here, an IRAC or also known as Irrigated Agricultural Research Center helps closely with the farmers and most of the crops (they have grapes,cherry's, corn,alfalfa,hay,apples and etc. ) are irrigated. For this month,they called it the dry month which one can see that most of the time the crops are irrigated.

Not to mention, Prosser have many hills, those brown coloured one are hills. no agriculture are done there as its not an irrigated place. There are canals, which are use to irrigate the crops. These canals drives the water from Mount Adams n Mount Rainer for the crops here. So thats why they have plenty of water supply for their crops... yayyyy... :)

look out from the hotel

Here's where ill be staying. a 69USD for a night is a great price. Thnks prof.(sebenarnya harga hotel cmnih mau RM400 or 150USD.Tapi maybe supervisor training ni ada share or kad apa tah.dpt harga murah...kalo xde dia for sure mahal beb.)

preview in the evening @ 8.30pm-

i was walking from downtown prosser to the hotel ( 25-30 minit jalan kaki gear 5 hokey)

Anyway, just a warm welcome to you guys too...

Welcome to Prosser.

Here are some snap shots from the downtown ( which my hotel is so far from here)

Banyak rail roads, n kene lintas hati2..xde org nk bgtaw berhenti... cuma ada lampu blink2 jaa

nak cmni kt umh leh..hehe

jual 2nd hand goods... me like.. :0 awesome!!

streets. semua kedai kt pekan kecil ni tutup jam 5. so nothing much..huu

till then taaa


  1. lawa bunga gantung tu... dlu pernah ade, tp kat malaysia panas x tahan lama...huhuhu

  2. pekan dia mcm pekan koboi kot. x besar gak nye..

  3. 8.30pm cenggitu cerahnya ek...summer, eh?

  4. uiyo jalan kaki stengah jam. tp best la dapat enjoy the scenery and fresh air kan? :P


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