Monday, September 26, 2011

BirThday DinNer

HeY... an update of what happened these past days in September.
How can you Forget it's September for the Boys (refering to mr.Pejal and Aqmal's )

Quite a surprising invitation but yeah..we made it.
(nak confirm punya la susah..haha masing2 bizi n miscommunication- aku le tu. )

SO it was that Firday Nite ..and let the party begins..

check it out !! :)

Tempat Birthday dinner was held.
Didnt manage to grap the front of the shop, but hey thank you source!!
source :

Venue : Carnaval Churrascaria, Brazilian buffet
77 Jalan SS22/19
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya

Meetin' their buddies - kwn pejal
he said: Wah dh jadi hair stylist dh ko ye. Ada rambut leh cerita xda rambut xde cerita.
i said : cian haziq :P

owh .. and ... pejals junior too :)

Yeah ada seat tuk haziq..

wow.. this is what they called the 'Brazilian buffet' . (How the Brazlians had it their way).

Agak takot laa..sbb brader tu bwk meat dgn pisau panjang pastu pastu duk datang like 2-5 minutes dgn macam2 perisa meat utk dihidangakn...

shoulder lamb please!! :)

kat sini buffet dia.. concept the food comes to you.
ko duduk sampai panas punggung .okay. hee hee

So here comes the cake ... Happy birthday kemal!!
(OWh and have a safe journey to London esok, dont forget some pressie too...ngeehee)

Haziq's enjoying it so much..sampai ke hidung..eww..


Great place to have a meet up and meet the meat. Makanannya termasuklah grilled prawns and chicken sausages, grilled chicken, curry chicken, chicken ham, garlic beef, beef rump steak and lamb shoulder (nyum2).

Tapi disebabkan aku sakit gigi and gusi , tak dapatlah menikmati makan yg banyakkk itew. Rugi rugi rugi... Wish i could.huhu..Tapi nasib baik ada salad bar n garlic bread..sangat sedap.. yay!