Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Melaka short visit part 1

Tajuk siap part2... kemain kemain...( weks! ) ..ngee heee..

Alhamdulillah we made a memorable trip for the closure of the year 2012. Yippee Yay!!. Even though its a short one.

I really think we should take a night here then we could do more or hang out more in Melaka. It has loads to offer. ( InsyaAllah next trip ..really hoping ya know..aahaha..)

So , since we begun quite late in the evening from my grandma's house, which was about 3.45pm off we drove to Melaka. There were 3 cars ( paklong's family, my parents car that bawak nenek n atuk's and our car- Us with my sisters).

Around 4.15pm i guess, we arrived at Melaka. Things messed up as parking was such a troublesome and ended up two cars parking at Mahkota Parade while we parked ours near the Menara Taming Sari free parking lot.We suddenly have two separated teams....
My parents together with nenek&atuk and also Paklong's family are in Mahkota Parade. Meanwhile, we were clue less what to do, since the other team parked in at mahkota parade and we were at other place. (i guess they went shopping)..

 If nk diorg berjalan ke menara taming sari , sure tidak mungkin as bawak nenek n atuk , kesian pulak nnti. 

In the end, we decided just go for the ride without them, sbb terpisah dh kan. 

Furthermore,  haziq dah duk tunjuk2 naik naikk lagi.adehh... so we bought the tickets. ahhahahaha

Hey! have we seen before?hhahha macam 'Space Needle' kt Seattle laa pulaak ..pfft...

 Tengah beratur nak naik.

At first we thought we gonna take all day as to que up. But it just took less than 15minits to wait. Hah!! clap clap...

 Just few more second before we go up and up and up

 Haziq dh tunjuk2 tu dah x sabar nak naik tuu..heee

 what are both of you looking at ?

 Hannah is so ready!! Plus her head keeps sweating Like no one's business.LOL

 Up Up And Up we go

 He is so excited ..huuu.. sikit x rasa gerun.

view from high above the ground people!!


 Haaa i saw the boat!!.. we're suppposed to go there not here..huuu. (lain kali la jawabnye)

 JAlan2 di dataran sebelah Taming sari .. Masa ni tgh biarkan gelagat haziq yg seronok2 tu..


:) Tudung serabai jap..duk kene tarik dgn hannah..hishhh... kesian taw uhuuk uhuk.. :P

...To be Cont..

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