Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Icy April Day

Salam readers...

Owhkay.. this is random update..

That one chosen day, we decided to go for a icy april.

..ice ice baby...

 Hello.. its us in April ..pffttt.

 To start of , we had a heavy breakfast. Filling our tummy before our work out. :P

my sista with her second dish..( bdn kecik ,selera beso)..haha

 hey, i met this guy!! gimme a pat!

So, here we are.......presenting...

Its new here, i could sense it.
 Believe it or not, it was my first time here. 
Previously, i just wouldn't care much about this place , besides its located at The Curve.

 To our surprise we got an early bird price...yay!
There was this skate class also available here, but we didn't join it.

 1. get your skate size

 2. give it a lil pose. aahahahaha

3. After wearing them , stuff belongings in a locker
i was afraid of the possibility of cracking my phone on ice rank, so i kept it safely inside.huuu



 all set :)

 off we go

Who knew he could skate much better than i do just less than an hour!!.
But.... anyway, i get to get my grip and skills back . 
Jangan main-main... nasib x masuk team "mighty ducks"..pfftt...

Now, about the Ice skating thing...

Just so you know, I'm really into these kind of sports. I liked it.

To me its thrilling at first, you fall - it hurts, but gives you the feeling of having faith and courage in yourselves.

Here are some inspiring quotes; 

"First you're a part of it, then it becomes a part of you"

Your feet can learn the steps, but only your heart can skate them..cheewaa...

SooOO.. what are you waiting for. Go get to skate, people!

My Review:
venue: i could say, its nice.. peaceful :)
Shoe: love it... brand new!!..no stinky smells of urgg urghh..
Ice rank:Small .. i demamd for bigger....(hoi kemain!!)

 i dont know about you, but i love it !!!one of those sports that makes you feel special.

ps: I know there are a lot of other extremes adventurous things to try out and about.  Wished we could have the time and space to make it come true. Hah . One out of tones dreams .

 -the end-

Since i bought the seoul garden voucher from groupon. And we did lunch altogether that day :)

 Dah la lapa.. nak tunggu dia masak..lama la pula..hish sabor je la.. haahha

 ahhh choices...
 A friend of mines says that, kalo malam choices dia lebeh mengancam..yeke? huuu

To end that beautiful april.. i got my self something. yay!! 70% ko.. rembat la satu..hahaha..

till then bye.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Four proof.. ada betul ka..?

Salam  semua...

Tetiba nak melompat-lompat cerita...hee hee.. "suke hati lah fifi" bahaha..

Okay-okay, meh nak share dengan rase rendah diri..cewahh.. bukan apa, benda baik, elok lah di khabar-khabar kan.. tak gitew..

bunyi suspen je..


Anyway, ni nk bagitaw uolls i tengah buat water test untuk casing phone..haha..

Casing phone yg dengan confident nye adalah proof keempat-empat pekara dibawah nih..

.. believe it or not..


 dust, dirt


haaa menarik , menarik tak??
(Tak leh blah bab boleh dengar lagu sambil swimming tu..ahhaha kemain kemain)

Ni semua sebab incik pejal lah yg bersalah..

Dia tahu yg bini dia obsess  aktiviti outdoor, maka jenuh la mencari solution phone iolss nih.

Ye lah casing phone yg tahan keadaan-keadaan semasa outdoor lah.

Eh , cam nak ajak g pulau lagi je..wink2..

Ini step yg harus di buat..
Test the Watertight Seal
  1. Find a container large enough to submerge the case, such as your kitchen sink.
  2. Fill the sink with water at least half full.
  3. Place the case in the water and weigh it down with something handy, but not too heavy, such as a coffee mug full of water.
A few air bubbles may escape from the waterproof sound holes.
  1. Leave the case under water for an hour.
  2. Take the weight off of the case and then remove the case from the water.
  3. Shake off the excess water and look into case through the front window.
There should be no visible water drops inside although some minor condensation might appear if there is a significant difference in temperature between the water and the room.
If it looks dry inside, the case has passed the test.

Tengah tunggu result..lepas ke tidak.heh
harap-harap berjaya..

Pastu,  boleh laa... boleh  .. (do the harlem shake!!!)

Lama benar tak g vacation rase..tapi tengah simpan-simpan cuti..huuu.. 
cuti dah makin berkurangan..tolak raya seminggu dah..adeh

Akhir kata, mari lah terjah lifeproof casing..hee

Four Proofs

"Designed to go everywhere your life takes you."


Maklumat lanjut boleh la ke link ini

till then bye.