Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Melaka trip-wana riverside hotel review

Salam readers...just sharing some stories in October, previously..

Basically, my office had an event here in Melaka wonderland, Ayer keroh Malacca. To be frank I've never heard of this place before. So, since its here in Malacca so we decided to stay one night (although i wished we could stayed longer) at Wana riverside hotel , ill review it later.

 Upon entering the wonderland, one shall see this welcoming gerbang.

 Here's the map. all about water and water :)

 Oh , yes.. we took atok and Nana along. 

 This is the entering point. They just scanned the bar codes bangles which we were to wear. 
I read in some people blogs that they would spot checked your bags, because they dont allow you to bring outside food. Anyhow, they didn't do so on that day. huh?.hehe

 Hopped on to this buggy  and it would go around the wonderland, and you can stop to which point you liked.

 a lil bit of us- the couple..haha

At first, we had telemacth games ( unfortunaley i didnt grab any photo), i was busy playing. champs kot!! haha..  Quite frustrated cause they weren't any was just for fun. heu heu.. Lunch was served after those funny games :).

Anyhow,.. the show must go on..... ting ting ting...

 Here, they're also fun fair stalls...but like usual you need to purchase the token first. Couldn't stand to stare at one, we played some..ngeee.The best part was Pejal won one of those fishing game,yay! ahhahha . So we get to bring back one of the cute stuffed rabbit ( well, now hannah owns it..cehh)

 The kids just couldn't wait to dip in the water..hehe

Alhamdulillah the weather was superb. Sunny and cloudy at the same time.
Good! Really hoped that i don't get sunburn that day. hehehhe... 

 kids went bizarre i tell you .. hehe

The whole day was splash splash with kids. Haizq was so brave with slides and water. i was a bit scared cause he didnt really know how to swim. phew phew..

Uh -hh, don't forget to bring sunblocks (i forced everyone to wear-and re-apply hahaha), bring some towels, toiletries, dry clothes, suitable sandals & snacks. 

 Both pejal and i went to some adults rides.
Like this one below  (the tornado chaser) which was awesome!!!.
Tak ingat berapa kali naik. . haha. By this time, the kids were with nana and atok cleaned and dressed up.yay. Thanks atok n Nana!!

Tornado Chaser
Ever wondered how it feels like to get into a Tornado? Come experience our Tornado Chaser the first ever in Malaysia.  Riders are sent rotating into a giant ‘bowl’ and then descended through a darkened tunnel and into the landing pool below.

There were more adults games, but my phone was out of memory.hehe .Sorry people! but you could read up more in

So here's my review:

Service:  Was great-friendly people/staffs
Food : Expensive to buy in here, ( id suggest to snuggle some homemade snacks wrap in a towel or so ). However, the taste was 'Not my cup of tea'.
Rides : Fun and exciting,  wished there could be more!!  Maybe some indoors perhaps.ngeehe. i guess its baby friendly too :)
Space: its spacious alright but I'm tired of walking and climbing up hill to the adult rides.  huuu huu

Later, around 2pm.. we left the place and head for McD near by (drive thru) and checked in our hotel.

we stayed here

 groupon discount, 2D1N stay with Melaka River Cruise tickets for 2 for RM158 :

we took city view but we could still see the river view

yay!.. another good thing in a hotel when traveling.

the bed- super queen . enough for 4of us :)

Kids were tired but when they saw the bed, quickly jumped like never before. hahaha

another angle

hey, caught the cruise
(al maklumlah.. first time nak naik kapal hee..)

a brisk walk that evening. it was so near the hotel.
 ( senang for  those yang bawak babies n elderly)


the hotel from below

walking and walking along the river

tonight we're gonna fetch a boat here. Its so near to the hotel. best best best.
we even purchase the river cruise ticket through the hotel. good service. thumps up!

feeling romantically , dinner beside a river..
 wah Italy gitew

Foods comming

This sizzling yee mee.. was nice:)

At 8pm, the boat was ready.. and we'r ready for the river cruise. Sit back , relax and Makan-makan angin :0

With 45 min ride & u can see a lot of interesting old and new building along the way. It offers a quick glance of this historic town along the river.

its said that the river was the main artery of trade for Melaka in its heyday when it was bustling with traders from all around the world.

The boat stopped here and some people drop off here.
 i think its somewhere near jonker street, but we didn't drop off as we had kids plus atok and nana would be very tired to walk a long way back to the hotel.( hope some day.. melaka again huh...pffftt)

 Some buildings from that era still stand majestically by the river, which is also lined by old villages, or kampungs, and modern day buildings. Price wise is reasonable & not expensive, just RM15 (foreigner adult) or RM10 (Local adult). 

 one can see menara taming sari

Aisyah hannah was always excited to jump off the boat..haihh

 hello kg mortem..

 lots of connecting bridge

 and murals

And back at our hotel. Time to sleep..heee

 The next day.. after checked out, we took the beca ride (trishaw) around the red building in the city before we head home. ( first time again.. jakun sket la kan hahah)

Thanks to FIL sebab belanja.. yay!. alhamdulillah :)

Till then bye bye..
hope to see in another vacation hee

Oh, here's my review for Wana hotel:
Price: ok for me but better to search n go for discounts
Location: nice!! its so near the river, if you're intending to spend a river cruise its a great place to stay :) there are food stalls -but would need to walk a little
Food: was great. i enjoyed it :0
Room : had iron&iron board liked it. spacious :)
Toilet : it has a bathtub if you want to know.hehe