Saturday, March 8, 2014

ZoO NeGarA revisited part two

Now , Now.. lets continue,  shall we? 

Walking at our own pace while mesmerizing the surroundings of the zoo. 
Come and read to see what we've met that day :)

Haiii  Mr. Elle...looking incredibly handsome eh.. haha

This Mr. Elephant was having breakfast and did not offer us any.. ngeee hee hee

Hannah seems to like it.. running around and curious whats on the other side of the fence.

oh my , oh my

Cuba teka .. cuba teka...

selfie sudah semestinya

ahhhh... there you are!

Hannah says "i wanna go in !!" hahha


 wahai Sang kancil ...mana sang buaya? kikikihh

 Snap.. snap snap....

Then, we saw this awesome butt... hahaha

 Hey girafe.. why la shy shy...

 Tengok... still showing his ****..haha..(pardon me!)

haziq cakap "cici's alive!!"
(mak cicik a.k.a peya, see what you've done! ahaha )

Its very cooling walking under the shades of these trees :). 
See hannah doesn't  want to sit in her stroller anymore. i was like.. adoi!!... its not even half an hour yet .

Just Keep walking  :)

we came to see the Tapir :)

father and sons

Desperately Hannah wants to climb the fence..

Thanks to these benches.. 
Dapat la duduk-dudk relax2 jap.

Waking up Mr. Lion , who apparently is snoozing.... 

hello! wake up Mr. lion, sing the song "wild thing.. i think i love u"
get it? ( its one of those advert for lion chocolate bars during my childhood)


Then beside the lions dent its the white tiger..aummm

 Subhanallah... the white tiger... he is so fierce and active.. 

he even tried to swim nearer to the fence.. wohaa!

come  in , folks !!



 Birds! Flamingo birds i guess. 
i spotted the black swan here :)

i want more !!! (pose)

To be cont.

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